Chocorize is an authorization platform that helps website operators to safely and legally welcome young users, children to understand privacy terms, and parents to protect them.

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EUPL-1.2 Code on Codeberg

For website operators

Offload verification and tracking of consents and relevant personal attributes, like age and existence of parental consent, to the Chocorize service.

For children

Learn to understand terms and conditions and to use websites and apps autonomously, with transparent consent by legal guardians.

For parents

Help children to gain access to the websites and services they want to use, while keeping track of all terms and policies.

Privacy-aware by default

Personal attributes, verification media, and identification data are only stored as long as necessary and forwarded encrypted. Website operators only receive an attestation of the requested verification.

Standards-compliant API

Fully REST-compliant API for making and tracking requests, and authorisation leveraging OpenID Connect for maximum compatibility.

Decentralised, but centralisable

Real-world verification is offloaded to to a network of sponsoring organisations, and Chocorize services can federate to decentralise verification and proofs of identification.